May 7, 2016

Next up: Lekala 4456, Cap Sleeve Blouse Sew-Along

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder: our sew-along for Lekala 4456 will be starting soon. This cap-sleeve blouse is perfect for summer. Last time, we made the pattern as a mechanic-style shirt in a lightweight wool-look poly. This time, the tutorial uses a slinky poly peachskin print. Less garage, more office. But you can use any fabric you want, of course. Assemble your supplies, and get excited!

This sew-along is a six-part series that covers everything: fabric requirements, Lekala pattern selection & printing, construction, and finishing details. Beginners, I hope you find this a helpful supplement to the instructions provided with the pattern.

Here's what you need:

  • Pattern: Lekala 4456, with your custom measurements. The tutorial will help you set up and print the pattern, so if you need a little guidance, wait for the first installment before buying.
  • Fabric: 1 1/2 to 2 yards (60" wide) - or - 2 to 3 yards (45" wide). The exact amount depends on the dimensions of your custom pattern, which you won't know until you print it and tape it together. In my version, the yokes and sleeves are lined, so be sure to include extra fabric to double or quadruple those pieces. For someone who usually cuts a size 12 in Big 4 patterns, 1 1/2 yards (60" wide) is plenty. 
  • Interfacing: 1/2 yard (no grain) - or - 1 yard (if the interfacing's grain matters)
  • Tracing paper and tracing wheel: We need these for marking the darts - or - use the marking method of your choice (water-soluble pen, tailor's chalk, washable markers, etc.). Lekala gives the option to include 1cm seam allowances, and this sew-along takes advantage of that shortcut, so we won't be tracing seam lines. 
  • Buttons: 7 blouse buttons of your choice. Standard button-down shirts use 3/8" buttons, but I like 1/2" buttons for blouses. At the store, place the buttons on your fabric, and imagine a row of them going down the front. Visualizing really makes a difference.
  • Rayon seam binding (optional): As you already know, I like to encase raw fabric edges in rayon seam binding. This sew-along will reflect that. If you prefer some other way to finish your seams, go for it!
  • The usual: matching thread, steam iron, sharp scissors, pins ... you know. Stuff to sew stuff with.

Ready? Keep your eyes peeled for the first installment. And thank you for joining me on this adventure!

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